A Hot August Day at Colorado’s “The Wild Animal Sanctuary”

Another visit to “The Wild Animal Sanctuary” in Keenesburg, Colorado was a great way to close out the month of August . The weather was a bit hot with temperatures in the low 90’s, but the breeze was nice. Each day spent here is a wonderful day. You always see something different and/or new. And, as always I made good use of my 100mm to 400mm telephoto lens.

And best of all, on this day good friends were introduced to the sanctuary. Sharing this experience with people is exciting and fun – especially as you see others experience the roaring of the lions and sighting a new animal for the first time.

A visit here will be very worthwhile – and even better – consider supporting the sanctuary in their mission to help the animals!


Link to the sanctuary for more information



Also – if you have not seen it I have another post of the sanctuary you can look at as well.

Images and video from visit

The Black Bear in the this video had just come out of an underground den that allows it to stay cool during the day. You can see the bear is truly relaxed and putting those claws to good use in scratching and grooming! I also loaded this to my Twitter site @NocoKuva..

Could title this “Bear Scratch Fever”

Male Lion

Lionesses napping in the heat

Lion stack

Serval in the shade

Grizzly Bear

Black Bear



la fin

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