Colorado 2019 Winter Elk Video Highlights

Heavy winter snow in the mountainous high country of Colorado cause the elk herds to move the the foothills to find new food supplies. This results in wonderful opportunities to observe and capture imagery of these magnificent animals near my home base.

I have included two videos from this year that I enjoyed filming and watching. I used my Sony A7RIII camera with a Sony G 100mm to 400mm lens for the video footage and Final Cut Pro for the video production.

The first video is a young elk calf that is practicing his bugle. In the video you can hear a bull elk bugle, then the calf responds. The bugle is probably not what you might expect from these large animals – is a beautiful sound to hear in the wild.

The second video was taken during the Christmas holiday where three young bull elk put on a great show. The sun had just set behind the mountains to the west. You can hear the antlers clicking on the audio portion. This action appears to be more playful than aggression.

I had previously posted these videos on my twitter feed @NocoKuva.

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