About NOCO kuva

I am Brian Autio – a photographer and outdoor enthusiast based in Northern Colorado (NOCO). My primary photo goal for this site is to display the rich outdoor diversity of my local area. I try to venture out at least weekly to see what presents itself to my lens, whether it be a bird, bug, animal, or landscape. Travel photography is also an important source of inspiration and material for me and I have imagery from our National Parks, other parts of Colorado, Wyoming and international locations as well.

My artistic philosophy in photography is to capture and share the natural beauty from areas that you may not have seen before or found perspectives and details not seen in places you may be familiar with. I strive to make you feel you were there with me in that that moment in time as light and shadow freeze to form an image.

A bit of explanation about the name “NOCO kuva” : NOCO, as referenced earlier, represents my northern Colorado home in Loveland, Colorado — and kuva is Finnish for image. This nod to my Finnish roots is a grateful acknowledgment of my immigrant ancestors who came by way of steamship from Finland to settle in the United States around 1900. They had faith, bravery, and a sense of adventure that have given me inspiration throughout my life. The grizzly bear in my logo represents the high country wilderness of the American and Canadian West. As long as they run free there is hope for our wild places and ultimately for us.