Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

A beautiful February winter day in the Big Thompson River Gorge – on the road from Loveland, Colorado to Rocky Mountain National Park – was made extra special with the appearance of a herd of bighorn sheep. The lighting was great and the rocky gorge made created nice background for photography and video.

Colorado 2019 Winter Elk Video Highlights

Heavy winter snow in the mountainous high country of Colorado cause the elk herds to move the the foothills to find new food supplies. This results in wonderful opportunities to observe and capture imagery of these magnificent animals near my home base. I have included two videos from this year that I enjoyed filming and…

A Hot August Day at Colorado’s “The Wild Animal Sanctuary”

Another visit to “The Wild Animal Sanctuary” in Keenesburg, Colorado was a great way to close out the month of August . The weather was a bit hot with temperatures in the low 90’s, but the breeze was nice. Each day spent here is a wonderful day. You always see something different and/or new. And,…

Summer Macro in Northern Colorado Rocky Mountains

Wandering in the foothills and valleys of the Rocky Mountains in summer is a great time to go small and appreciate the bursting colors of wildflowers, busy birds and insects. They need to work fast as the growing season is short in the high country. First killing frost can come in August in some places….

Hiking Colorado High Country: Ruby Jewel Trail – 27June2019

Winter does not want to let go in this part of Colorado – even though it is officially summer and the Colorado Front Range is above 90 degrees F! Looks like it will be mid to late July before this trail will be clear. Above this spot snow was above the knee in many places…

The Wild Animal Sanctuary Colorado

A worthy cause and one I believe in and on image below for the story and images of a some of my visits to this sanctuary. Here lions live in prides, wolves live in a pack and all have room to roam, live and feel grass beneath their paws..

Storm Cloud – Telephoto Images

A gorgeous storm cloud formation presented itself over Rocky Mountain National Park and I utilized my 100mm to 400mm telephoto lens to see deep into the clouds. The result are images that look as though they were taken from an aircraft. The photo shoot started about 2 hours before sunset and ended at sunset. Click…