Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

A beautiful February winter day in the Big Thompson River Gorge – on the road from Loveland, Colorado to Rocky Mountain National Park – was made extra special with the appearance of a herd of bighorn sheep. The lighting was great and the rocky gorge made created nice background for photography and video.

Colorado 2019 Winter Elk Video Highlights

Heavy winter snow in the mountainous high country of Colorado cause the elk herds to move the the foothills to find new food supplies. This results in wonderful opportunities to observe and capture imagery of these magnificent animals near my home base. I have included two videos from this year that I enjoyed filming and…

The Wild Animal Sanctuary Colorado

A worthy cause and one I believe in and on image below for the story and images of a some of my visits to this sanctuary. Here lions live in prides, wolves live in a pack and all have room to roam, live and feel grass beneath their paws..